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LARP II Delegates with His Excellency the President of Lebanon General Michel Sleiman

LARP II Delegates With Governor Riad Salameh of the Central Bank of Lebanon

LARP I Delegates with Minister Haddad Representing the Prime Minister of Lebanon


Under the High Patronage of His Excellency
The Prime Minister of Lebanon
Mr. Fouad Seniora 

The Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership
In collaboration with
The American Lebanese Chamber of Commerce

"Solidarity Lebanon"

Phoenicia Hotel - Beirut
November 10 - 11, 2006

Thursday, November 9, 2006 
 9:00 am - Welcome reception, Phoenicia Hotel - LARP delegation 
Friday, November 10, 2006
10:00 am - Registration, coffee & cake 
10:30 am - Opening Ceremony
                 Moderator: The Honorable Walid Maalouf, Director Public Diplomacy, USAID
                 Speakers:   His Excellency Fouad Siniora, Prime Minister of  Lebanon
                                  Represented by Minister of Economy Sami Haddad 
                                  The Honorable Jeffrey Feltman, US Ambassador to Lebanon
                                  Mr. George Hage of California, Corporate Leader
                                  Presentation of grants
11:15 am - Panel 1:     Lebanese American Participation in the American Socio-Political Process
                 Moderator: Dr. Samual Wakim of Illinois, Board of Directors
                 Speakers:  The Honorable Vincent Battle, former US Ambassador to Lebanon
                                  Mrs. May Rihani of Maryland, Senior Vice President with AED
                                  Mr. David Imad Ramadan of Virginia, George Mason University
 1:00 pm - Luncheon:     Mr. Boutros Harb, Member of Parliament, keynote speaker 
                Introduction: Engineer John Faddoul of Cleveland, Board of Directors 
2:30 pm -  Panel 2:      Rebuilding Lebanon & Business Sponsorship
                Moderator:  Mr. Wissam Yafi of Virginia, Board of Directors 
                Speakers:   His Excellency Jihad Azour, Minister of Finance
                                 Mr. Roger Nasnas, President of the Economic & Social Council
                                 Dr. Fares Souaid, former Member of Parliament
                                 Mr. Salim Zeenni, President American Lebanese Chamber of Commerce 
4:30 pm -  Panel 3:     Economic Support of the civil Society & Diaspora Effect
                Moderator: Dr. James Moises of New Orleans, LARP I Delegate 
                Speakers:   Her Excellency Nayla Mouawad, Minister of Social Affairs
                                 Dr. Edgard Elchaar of New York, Dentist
                                 Ms. Guitta Hourani, NDU - Lebanese Emigration Research Center
                                 Mr. Nassib Ghobril, Head of Economic Research & Analysis Byblos Bank 
9:00 pm - Gala Dinner: His Excellency His Excellency Jihad Azour, Minister of Finance, guest speaker
                                  The Honorable Jeffery Feltman, US Ambassador to Lebanon, host speaker
                                  Mr. Haleem Zihenni of New York, Board of Directors, delegates speaker 
                                  Master of Ceremony: Mr. Selim Zeenni, President ALCC 
                                  Presentation of Awards
Saturday, November 11, 2008
11:00 am - Opening:       The Cedar Revolution
                 Introduction:  Mr. Eddy Slim, LARP I Delegate
                 Remarks:       Mr. Walid Maalouf (Arabic)
11:30 pm -  Panel 4:     The Cedar's Revolution Ability to Continue
                  Moderator: Dr. Mazen Skaf of California, LARP I Delegate
                  Speakers:  Mr. Samir Frangieh, Member of Parliament
                                  Mr. Nadim Gemayel, President of the Bashir Gemayel Foundation
                                  Mrs. May Rihani of Maryland, LARP I Delegate
                                  Mr. Fares Soueid, Former Member of Parliament
1:00 pm - Luncheon:     His Excellency Pierre Gemayel, Minister of Industry, guest speaker
               Introduction:  Mr. Ferris Kleem of Ohio, LARP I Delegate 
                                    Hosted by Joe Rashed of Tampa, Board of Advisors  
4:00 pm - Elections of new Board of Directors
               Media interviews with delegates
8:00 pm - Farwell dinner hosted by Laurice and Sam Hachem at Mehanna Restaurant