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The LARP IV delegation meeting with Predident Aoun on August 31st.

LARP III welcome dinner at the residence of the Frems in Kleiat



Press release - April 2, 2017, Washington DC

LARP IV Mission to Lebanon

The Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership (LARP) in the US and Lebanon announces its IV mission to Lebanon. Our moto for this mission is "Solidarity with Lebanon - Reform, Security & Stability". Our one day conference will take place at the Phoenicia Hotel in Downtown Beirut on September 1, 2017.

The objectives of this mission are to increase communications between Lebanese businessmen and women in the Americas with the homeland; facilitate business opportunities between businesses in Lebanon and their counterparts in the Americas; and assist the private and public sectors to foster projects that stimulate economic growth and provide grants that aid local governments and non-profit organizations. This LARP mission will support the Lebanese firefighting department in providing a firefighting boat to its force.

Several experts have been invited to speak specifically on the following topics:  Waste Management, speaker Mr. Nemat Frem; Highways, Metro & Traffic, speaker Engineer Marc Ballouz; Electricity 100% time, speaker Mr. Assaad Nakad. 

Our Corporate leaders is The Honorable Al Cardenas of Miami, Florida  the key note speaker at the Gala dinner is The Honorable Ray Lahood of Peoria, Illinois

LARP is committed to supporting the civil society and civic institutions of Lebanon, to lifting up the spirit of the Lebanese people, to promoting economic growth, to fostering reform, stability, Security and strengthening democratic institutions in Lebanon in an effort to enhance the sovereignty, independence and freedom of the Republic of Lebanon.

For more detailed information on the mission you may visit this link