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The LARP IV delegation meeting with Predident Aoun on August 31st.

LARP II Delegates With Governor Riad Salameh of the Central Bank of Lebanon

LARP I Delegates with Minister Haddad Representing the Prime Minister of Lebanon

Ms. Mey Alsayegh
Communication Manager & Journalist
LARP Moderator Panel III

Ms. Mey Alsayegh is the Communication Manager at the Lebanese Ministry of State for Displaced Affairs (Syrians Refugees). She is also a Free-lance writer at Hydro politics Academy in Ankara from June 2016 to the present; and a Media Advisor to the Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership (LARP).

She was a co-head of the International department at Aljoumhouria newspaper in Zalka, and a senior International & Diplomatic News Editor & Correspondent. She covered International and Regional conferences in Geneva 2 on Syria January February 2014; blue peace conferences in Istanbul, Jordan, Geneva and she also participated in learning field trips to the Rhine River in September 2013; Mekong River in November 2014; the Senegal River in August 2015; and the Nile River in August 2016.

She worked as an International news editor at Al-Akhbar newspaper in Beirut from May 2007 to September 2009. She worked at Tatwir Center for Studies in Beirut from December 2013 to December 2016. She was a co-author of a publication entitled Women, Water and Peace Crisis of Survival in the Middle East, published by Strategic Foresight Group (SFG), and a member of Blue Peace Media Network in the Middle East. She has published a large number of articles and interviewed senior politicians and decision makers in the world.