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The LARP IV delegation meeting with Predident Aoun on August 31st.

LARP III welcome dinner at the residence of the Frems in Kleiat


LARP Position Paper 2017

Our motto this year is “Solidarity with Lebanon – Reform, Security and Stability” and the LARP Board is proud to share with you the following recommendations:

1. Lebanese are in dire need of full reform in all of the country’s institutions including ministries, security forces, and infrastructure. The émigré community has the expertise, the know-how and the means to help achieve this milestone.


  1. A total clean-up of the Ministry of Finance and all the state structures under its umbrella including Customs. Reform & automation of the Department of Land Registry.
  2. The elimination of all side committees that were established based on religious and political preferences and the consolidation of all those budgets in the Ministry of Finance.
  3. Reform and automation in the judicial system all over Lebanon.
  4. Update the Lebanese constitution to catch up with advancement around the world and make Lebanon a modern State. The establishment of a Presidential commission of 12 experts, 6 from Lebanon and 6 from the émigré communities. (no politicians at all in this commission)
  5. The enactment of an electoral law as one man one vote. Refer to the Taeif agreement and reduce the number of deputies to 108, create 108 districts, so that Lebanese can vote for one candidate he/she wishes to support. Launch the elections in one day. Include the registered émigré community through an automated system in and outside Lebanon. At the tabulation, the winners will be added based on the number of the religious quota that already exists. The runners-up will become a shadow parliament.
  6. The sidelining of the idea to set up a Senate in an attempt to avoid further exacerbating our religious divisions.
2. Lebanon urgently requires a long-term security and stability plan; therefore, we hope the Lebanese presidency will advocate the safe return of 1.5 million displaced Syrians, and finding alternatives for Palestinian refugees based on UN resolutions and Arab Peace Initiative. To create the stability needed we recommend the following:


  1. Build a wall on the Lebanese boarders beginning from the Israel all around the Syria borders and have only two crossings: the northern and the “Masnaa” for human and business crossing. Attached is the cost estimation and suggested source of funding and budget to build it.
  2. Engage the United Nations and the Palestinian State to relocate the Palestinians refugees on a humanitarian program to countries that have immigration law. In doing so, they can become a productive community to their families, the host country and an economic power to the future State of Palestine, instead of living in the slums of their camps in Lebanon and be a potential source of instability for Lebanon.
  3. Push for a safe zone to the west of the Syrian borders so all the displaced Syrians will be repatriated back into their homeland.
  4. On the regional conflicts and its effect on Lebanon we urge your presidency for the implementations of all United Nations Security Council Resolutions in particular UNSC 1559, the continuous support of UNSC 1701, the declaration of Babdaa and the neutrality of Lebanon.
3. Economic growth is much needed to make Lebanon once again the jewel of the Middle East. It is important that you use all the dynamics and the tools available to transform the Lebanese economy into a modern and vibrant powerhouse.


  1. A specific action plan to engage the émigré community in building Lebanon. Create sister cities between the émigré city and states and their ancestral hometowns. Create an international émigré parliament for all the persons of Lebanese heritage who rose to influential positions around the world. Invite them for a yearly meeting to establish better political and diplomatic relations between their countries and their home country.
  2. Establish an international presidential commission from Lebanese in and outside Lebanon to improve real estate, trade and business developments.
  3. Search for the best of the best in our engineering émigré community to rehabilitate and modernize all highways, roads, airports, trains and bus transportation in line with the ambition and vision of a Lebanon in the forefront of developed nations.

It is our great hope, Mr. President, that you entertain our recommendations for the sake of a truly free, democratic and sovereign Lebanon. We believe it is only at such time that Lebanon will become an attractive investment and commercial hub in the eyes of the international community and especially for our 13 million – strong immigrants.

Respectfully submitted
Thursday, August 30, 2017
LARP USA & Lebanon